The evening’s plan was simple, a night out dancing with friends. Stella and Emilio were joined by two of Emilio’s closest friends, James and Ozzy, and two of Stella’s friends, Kim and Nicole. It was a good circle and even though loyalties were obvious there was a respect and overall joy amongst all members of the party. Throughout the night, both at dinner and on the way to the club, Emilio had seemed a little detached, as if something was bothering him. Knowing him as well as they do, James and Ozzy take him aside and ask him if everything is alright.

Begrudgingly, Emilio admits that something has been bothering him but that he’d rather not talk about it at the moment. Understanding the tone, James and Ozzy drop it, knowing that it is something that will be revisited when the time is right. However, before completely abandoning the topic, they ask Emilio if he’s sure he wants to continue with the nights festivities, to which he has only one response (a sentiment shared by all members of the group)…

You hear it from Puerto Rico to New York
Doesn’t matter the generation
They recognize this song.

From Columbia to Venezuela, Japan to Panama
They say it in their own unique way and style
Its a contagious rhythm that makes everyone dance
If the people ask me for salsa than that is what I’ll give them
I love salsa!

As long as there are people who sing this song
Salsa will live on in every generation
I like merengue, bachata and reggaeton
But I carry that flavourful salsa in my heart
I love salsa!
(I’m sure you all recognize this song as the one used by James and Therese in their competition performance)

Livened once again by the promise of the fun to come, the group arrives at the club, ready to dance the night away.

Sigan bailando!