The knock startles him back from his imagined triumph. However, he wasn’t completely wrong, there was someone in his life now and she was the person knocking at his door. Stella was an amazing person, different from Sandra but in a good way. He cared deeply for her and was honestly able to say that he loved her. Yet this sudden outburst of emotion troubled him. If he was so happy with Stella, why so much twisted joy at the thought that Sandra might want him back? For that matter, why was that even a thought in his head at all? A sudden sense of guilt came over him, which he quickly tried to compose himself from before answering the door. A quick glance through the peephole confirmed who it was and brought a reassuring smile to his face.

Opening the door, Emilio embraced Stella and showed her in. They were going to meet some friends for dinner and then off to the club for a night of entertaining. He had stopped by his place to change first and Stella said she would meet him there. The conversation turned to the days events, small talk of work and finally Emilio was ready to go. Still, something in him wasn’t right, distracted somehow. As they left the apartment, he told her he loved her; sincere, yet he suspected it sounded a little questionable.

“I love you too.”

I don’t need an advanced degree to know I found happiness at your side. I don’t need a bunch of lawyers when I feel trapped, if you know how to free me. I don’t need to go to a church or understand religion to know there are demons, that want to kill this love. I don’t need a wise man or a holy man, or to look into a crystal ball, if I see my future in your face and if you’re not here I can’t go on. Because life is hard and night is dark and the world gets colder when you’re not here. Your love is what makes me live, when you kiss me I have to resist. With you I can fly to the sky. I die, when you and I aren’t together, I live only if you are by my side. I want to be captive in your arms. I feel like your love has given me the heavens. Life is dark and I don’t know how to live when you’re not there.

Content in their love, the two head out for the night….End scene 1.

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