The are many great salsa clubs in Toronto for salseros to enjoy every night of the week. If you are looking for a Friday evening salsa experience then look no further than Acrobat Salsa.

Acrobat Lounge is located at 2464 Yonge Street just north of Eglinton. Acrobat Salsa Fridays is a special evening for salsa dancers where mainly Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha are played.

Acrobat Salsa offers a lesson from a variety of great Toronto instructors. The lesson is usually from 9pm – 10pm followed by social dancing. Some instructors only teach one lesson. Others have multiple level lessons. For example, Toronto Dance Salsa will always have a beginner as well as an intermediate lesson so that new dancers as well as seasoned dancers can feel challenged and enjoy a new combination.

Toronto Dance Salsa also holds regular outings at Acrobat Salsa on Saturday evenings. These outings take place every few weeks and are always advertised on our home page. Everyone is welcome to attend and, in a similar fashion to Friday evenings, we offer a beginner and intermediate lesson from 9pm – 10pm. Cover to our outings at Acrobat Lounge is usually $10 per person and that includes the lesson and dancing until 2am.

Occasionally there will also be special Acrobat salsa events. For example, Toronto Dance Salsa holds an annual New Year’s Eve Black & White Ball at Acrobat Lounge with performances, give-aways, champagne toast and more. Throughout the year there are competitions, special instructors and performers and much more.

Acrobat Salsa nights always offer a variety of salsa music to dance to including Mambo, Salsa Romantica and much more for both on 1 and on 2 dancers. There are a variety of DJs that each have unique styles and salsa favourites to offer. On Saturday evenings at Toronto Dance Salsa outings you will be dancing to DJ Evan’s tunes where favourites and classics will be played in a variety of tempos to challenge dancers of all levels.

For more information on Acrobat Salsa events, please visit the Toronto Dance Salsa homepage as well as the Events page to attend a great salsa evening with us!