I just received this information regarding a new full length documentary about salsa dancing versus mambo. I don’t know how big this film will be and if there will be a chance for us to view it but I will keep you posted. Here is the info I found on Greenvilleonline.com.

“Feature-Length movie filmed in Greenville, SC premieres Friday, Aug 29

Submitted by Lynne Anne Merrill • August 11, 2008

August 29, Friday, an EXTRAORDINARY experience will take place in Greenville, SC EXCLUSIVELY at Bongos Nightclub! Latin dancers of Mambo, Salsa, and the general public are invited to come WATCH the movie showing of “La Epoca – The Palladium Era” – a film about the roots behind the umbrella term “Salsa,” and its affects on the generations of musicians and dancers that have followed since its conception. Come and sit side-by-side with some of the film’s cast members – and meet, up close and personal – the producers of the film! The film uncovers who the inventor of the mambo rhythm was and how Latin music and dance have become what they are, today.

This movie is jammed-packed with Latin dancing, original Latin music, black and white footage of the Palladium-era during the 1950’s and AMAZING information!!

“La Epoca,” a feature-length documentary-film, is about the evolution of Latin music and dance from the Palladium-era (1948-1970) to present day. The film covers in-depth detail regarding the controversy over dancing “on 1” versus dancing “on 2,” Mambo versus Salsa, and the film focuses heavily on the controversy over the the umbrella term “Salsa” and its affects on the musicians and dancers since the conception of the word’s use to describe Latin music.

The film features music and rhythms that are very rarely heard in present day. Producers welcome all walks of life to view the movie and to live INSIDE the memories and experiences of the high-profile LEGENDARY musicians and dancers who appear in the film, such as “Cuban Pete,” Charlie Rodriguez and Agustin Caraballoso and many others.

Very well-known are the names of Celia Cruz and Tito Puente – but how many times have you heard of the musicians who made THEM sound so good?

What makes this evening SO special is that a portion of the movie was ACTUALLY FILMED AT this SAME location earlier this year – and many of the dancers who were filmed – do appear in the movie – and some will be present to watch the movie! Greenville residents Erica Roldan, Mariana Rodon and Jonathan Zapata were among those filmed at Bongos in May this year for this very film.

Watch and listen to the musicians who were among the legends that USHERED IN all of the Latin music and rhythms that, in present day, have been meshed together – all under one umbrella term: “Salsa.””