Just wanted to quickly post a few songs that have been repeating on my iphone lately…



Hasta El Sol De Hoy – Edgar Joel (killer melody, super chorus)
Cantinero De Cuba – Semino Rossi (this song drips with sex appeal)
Lagrimas Negras (guitara) – Cachao y Maria Dolores Pradera (another sexy track)
Non-Latin Songs:
I Can Transform Ya – Chris Brown (I know, I know, but this song is amazing and it’s more Swizz Beatz than Chris)
This Too Shall Pass – OkGo (The video is brilliant, the song simply rocks)
Soldier of Love – Sade (My favourite female singer returns, I’m dying to make a bachata version of this)
Why Non-Latin Songs you ask? Why not. Get out there, experiencing all genres of music help only improve your understanding of Salsa and the other Latin styles.
Till Then,
Stay Shining Salseros!